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“I get my ideas by observing the animal world and the hidden life of plants. I am inspired by alleged trivial scenes of the everyday. Last but not least, I play with the drawing itself, it helps me find new ways of producing designs”.

Andrea Peter is an illustrator currently working and residing in Berne, Switzerland.

She has produced several children’s books and works for a reputable list of clients frequently producing editorial illustrations, posters, flyers, album artwork and range of personal projects. Andrea studied in Berne and Lucerne receiving a bachelor of art education and a masters of illustration. She still works in close cooperation with artists of the Atelier Flora in Berlin, where she lived for some time.

Andrea’s preferred mediums are ink, pencil, serigraphy and linocut.

Currently Andrea is working in close cooperation with a host of art schools and museums producing educational.

List of clients:

Atlantis Verlag | Beltz & Gelberg | Confiserie Eichenberger, Bern | DEZA | Die ZEIT, Hamburg | DUDEN Verlag, Berlin | Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz | Fondation Barry, Martigny | Helvetas | Insel Spital Bern | Insieme Schweiz | Kammerorchester Bern Neufeld | KiPa, Bern | Stiftung Freizeit, Berlin | tcs Touring Magazin | VDI|VDE|IT, Institut für Innovation und Technik, Berlin | vatter&vatter, Bern | Wimmelbuchverlag Berlin | Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Stefanie Hirt


Erlebniswelt Barry Family, Martigny, Dauerausstellung Eröffnung 2016
Animalarium, BFF Bern, 2016
Gruppenausstellung Illustratoren Schweiz, Fumetto Satellit, 2016
Afritecture, Pinakothek der Moderne, München, 2013

List of books:

ABC im Zauberwald | Atelier Flora | DUDEN Verlag, 2021
Unsere grossartige Familie | Atelier Flora | DUDEN Verlag, 2020
Das Buch der Verwandlungen | Atelier Flora | Beltz & Gelberg, Februar 2014
Wir Nestbauer sind schlauer! | Autorin: Cally Stronk | Atlantis Verlag, 2013
Stell die Welt auf den Kopf | Atelier Flora | Beltz & Gelberg, 2013
Alles Farbe! | Atelier Flora | Beltz & Gelberg, 2012
Schweiz Wimmelbuch – Reise über Berg und Tal | Wimmelbuchverlag Berlin, 2011

Awards and Publications:

Drawn Volume 2, Crooks Press, 2018
3x3 Illustration directory, 2017


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